Tips and Insights from Performance Experts

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When you’re recovering from an injury, you’re likely not performing at your best. Our goal is to get you back to (or better than) where you started. That means it’s critical to test your movement mechanics after the injury. You need to see how your body is now responding to stress and that stress impacts your performance.

Assessment also plays a crucial role in our Return To Play program. In this program, we help athletes bridge the gap between physical therapy and performance. We look at their movement and characteristics after an injury and create a personalized Return To Play program. While you are going through your RTP, we suggest working with a performance physical therapist.

Athletes who have health base-line assessments are in even better shape. A base-line athletic assessment helps us compare your pre-injury movement mechanics to your post-injury movement mechanics. This data can help provide a comprehensive program roadmap back to your personal best.

Athletic Assessment Drives Everything We Do

Our philosophy at Accel Performance and Wellness is centered around the idea of the athletic assessment. If you’re an athlete, you should value this type of testing as well. Our assessment scores aren’t a gimmick or arbitrary number we’re assigning to your workout. They provide real data and insights to improve your training.

We want our members to always be moving forward. There’s no way to tell if that’s happening if we don’t know where they started. If you want to assess your current abilities, contact Accel.

Our members receive movement and athletic assessments after joining and regular assessments during their training. An Accel membership gives you this information and access to our industry-leading technology.