Cash-Based Physical Therapy

Cash-based physical therapy 

Your insurance company doesn’t prioritize your athletic performance. Often, patients’ physical therapy coverage runs out before they’re fully healed, and it can be difficult to find ways to continue this critical service.

Accel Performance and Wellness offers a direct access physical therapy option with no insurance needed. It’s open to both members and non-members, and it can help you continue your path to healthy movement.

We have certified physical therapists on staff, and we share a campus with Campbell Clinic’s world-leading orthopaedic specialists. You won’t find a better place to recover from your injury.

You’ll also have the transparency and convenience you need to continue recovering without worrying about how much your insurance will cover.

To book an appointment, please register for an account with Wellness Living at the link below. Once registered, you will be able to book classes/services directly with Accel Performance and Wellness.