Tips and Insights from Performance Experts

The Relationship Between Speed, Strength and Endurance

Strength, speed and endurance training are interconnected. To reach new goals, it is important to understand how they are tied together. Most non-elite athletes want to know how developing all three elements can help them run, cycle or swim better. The truth is that most sports will have a dominant ability that contributes more to…
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5 benefits of incorporating strength training into your routine´┐╝

5 benefits of incorporating strength training into your routine Your time in the gym can also play an important... Read More

Training for an Ironman Competition: Two Orthopaedic Doctors Share Their Experience

Last month, the St. Jude IRONMAN 70.3 Memphis broke ground for its inaugural event at Shelby Farms Park. Our team had the... Read More

Why Correct Form Is Crucial in Performance Training

Why is it that there is a focus on correct form when performing various movements? The reason is built around the concept... Read More